Leadership & Tango!

Tango and Leadership? Really...? 

Think about it for a minute. Tango, like many dances, requires two particular roles -- a leader and a follower. What makes a good leader? What does a good follower look like? What kind of relationship is necessary to build the "dance" of leadership and how does this transfer beyond the dance floor?

This workshop will provide a valuable opportunity to explore leadership in a unique, fun and interactive way. Join us to experience the wisdom and flow of tango while building awareness of embodying leadership.

Argentine tango is a completely improvisational dance, requiring both leader and follower to create something out of nothing and yet flow seamlessly in the process. Tango provides us with a practice of integrating of body, mind, heart and spirit in the creation of joint movement through a crowded and chaotic dance floor. Good leadership requires the same deep understanding along with the ability to flow through often chaotic change.

In this workshop we will learn the fundamental elements of Argentine tango while exploring the essence of good leadership. We will discuss the “4 Cs” that link tango with leadership:

• Connection 

• Communication 

• Conversation 

• Co-creation

We will also examine the concept of practice and what a leadership practice might look like.

Starting soon!