Elder Wisdom FAQ

Answers to some common questions about Elder Wisdom Circles

What is an Elder Wisdom Circle and why are you offering it?

Elder Wisdom Circles are a weekly gathering of like-minded people who are interested in exploring what it means to consciously age, with wisdom and spirituality.

The program came about  because some of the participants of other CFWAL and OLLI programs wanted deeper discussions, beyond our mostly intellectual (but interesting) exploration of wisdom and aging. 

In particular, a number of OLLI students who took a class entitled Spirituality & Aging decided they wanted to explore their own personal journeys in a setting beyond the classroom. The ancient tradition of a circle allows us to share wisdom and grow both personally and as a community.

Where are the circles held?

Circles are currently held at three locations:

1) Monday and Tuesday circles meet at Knox Presbyterian Church. Knox is located right off Hyde Park Square, on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Observatory: 

3400 Michigan Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208


We generally meet in the Knox Room. If you take the elevator, go to the 2nd floor and follow the signs to the Knox Room. If you enter the church through the main entrance, the Knox Room is straight ahead from the entrance.

2) Wednesday and Friday circles meet at the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming (PCW). PCW is located in the heart of Wyoming on the corner of Wyoming Ave. and Burns Ave. The address is:

225 Wyoming Ave, Wyoming, OH 45215


We generally meet in the Parlor at PCW.

3) The Monday morning circle meets at Lakeside Presbyterian Church. Lakeside is located in Lakeside Park, KY on Dixie Highway, between Lane Drive and Marion Drive:

2690 Dixie Highway, Lakeside Park, KY 41017


We meet in the Carriage House.

Directions and Parking

Knox Church

Knox is easily accessible from I-71.

Knox has two small parking lots with plenty of parking for physically challenged individuals.  One lot is off of Michigan and the other Observatory. Parking spaces for the handicapped can be found in the Michigan Avenue parking lot adjacent to the back entrance. That entrance has an automatic door, and an elevator in the lobby that provides access to each level of the Knox facility. Otherwise, metered street parking is available.

Presbyterian Church of Wyoming

PCW is easily accessible from I-75.

There are two options for parking. You may park in the PCW lot which is accessed from Burns Ave. or you can park on the street (Wyoming Ave.) in front of the church. There is usually ample parking in both areas.

Lakeside Church

There is ample parking in the church parking lot. Directions can be found here:


Are the elder wisdom circles part of any religion or religious group?

The program is not affiliated with any religious organization and is open to all walks of life. 

What is the program schedule?

Each circle operates differently. Some discussions revolve around specific topics, some use books or texts to begin the conversation, and others rely on the telling one's story. All circles are reflective and highly participatory.

How long do the circles run?

We generally meet once a week for 2 hours. The circles are an ongoing program, with a number of changing topics throughout the year, all focused on wisdom and eldering. 

Group Size

We try to keep the group size low so as to keep the  interaction high. Circles are never more than 12 people.  

Can I come and go from the program? Will it be too disruptive if someone comes in late or has to leave early?

We all have busy schedules and many of you travel, volunteer, etc. However most of the participants plan on meeting every week, at least when they are in town. 

As for coming and going, the most important consideration is how the group gels and works together. As we’ve seen from previous programs, we need to develop a certain comfort and trust with each other to have honest and vulnerable dialogue. As long as it is not disruptive to the group as a whole, if you have other obligations but want to attend, you should. 


Elder Wisdom Circles are offered at affordable prices and on a sliding scale. We will not turn anyone away who wants to participate. There is a suggested donation per quarter (12 weeks) of $50-100 but participants can contribute what they can, whether that is less or more.

If you'd like your donation to be tax deductible, it can be arranged as a gift to one of the churches where we hold our programs.