NEW Elder Wisdom Circle

Boomers Aging Solo

Are you a Boomer with no partner and no children? You’re not alone—although you may feel that way! Approximately one third of Boomers are single (divorced, widowed, un-partnered) and 20% of Boomer women never had children. 

For many people in life’s second half, questions about purpose, spirituality, giving back, connection with others, health, and mortality become prominent.  Without the ready-made support of family members, Solo Boomers face these issues and more on their own, mapping out their current lives and near futures as well as planning ahead for the changing needs of old age. 

Can all this be done while experiencing and expressing the happiness and satisfaction that can come with aging mindfully? 


This facilitated group offers Solo Boomers the opportunity to connect with other “soloists” for discussion of second half experiences and issues. We will also reflect on what it means to age consciously and mature spiritually. What are the joys and responsibilities of eldership, especially within the context of solo aging? As group members get to know each other, we will enjoy fellowship and share experiences – in class and beyond. Our intent will be to knit ourselves into an ongoing, supportive community.

Additional Details

For this group, our participants should be either: 

  • Single/Unpartnered (never married, divorced, widowed) without children

  • Single/Unpartnered (never married, divorced, widowed) with children who are estranged 

We hate to refuse anyone, but it is about so much more than demographics. We want this group to be more than a social group, discussing topics and issues about aging mindfully – but also discussing issues that are unique to aging without family while remaining fully involved and contributing to the world around us.

Solo Boomers who join the group are asked to commit to participating in a minimum of six weekly group meetings to allow a reasonable amount of time for the group to gel and create its own direction and identity.

This circle is currently full, but if you are interested, please  click below to sign up for our waitlist. Spaces do open occasionally.


Our circles operate with a sliding scale. There is a suggested donation of $50-100 per quarter (every 12 weeks), however we want you to attend if you feel you cannot afford that amount! Just contact us. Contributions above the suggested donation rate are also welcome  😃.  Donations may be tax deductible.

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